CHECK THIS OUT!!! The maps including autogenerated maps with jump lanes, battle flags and planet owners listed for each league:
LeagueLeague MapsBattle TrackerBattle Results
NetmechNetmech Maps Netmech Battle Tracker netmech battle logs
Mercnet MERCS Maps Does not require Battle Tracker mercnet battle logs
XvT XvT Maps XvT Battle Tracker xvt battle logs
Heavy Gear Heavy Gear Maps Does not require Battle Tracker Heavy Gear battle logs
Some of the maps are clickable. Click on a territory (town/planet depending on league) and it will tell you the information for the territory you picked and what territories are within range.

For leagues that need them, Battle Trackers Automatically assign players to rooms and tell them how many mechs they have. Two leagues use a newer combat format that does not require a battle tracker.

7/8/98 - Another News Overview Let's be honest here. I'm way too busy working on the new automation system design to keep updating the news page. If you want the most up to date stuff, I highly recommend that you keep tabs on the Netmech Chatboard. The Netmech chatboard is used since it is TKZ's largest and most active league. Look for original posts by me (Paul) and the responses to them. The current rules set is at It is subject to often updates. There are also often requests for input on the chatboards. These are your chance to have a say in the complex development of the new system.

4/23/98 - Another News Overview


With 31 groups on the waiting list, TKZ Netmech will be holding :q


The merger with MW3028 fell through based on the way the automation uses the more flexible method of using points. the 3028 players wanted the mechs themselves to be tracked. Independent of that, TKZ Mercnet became a stock mech league. Any mech that came with the game can be used without modifications. This obviously makes the missile boat rule in mercnet obsolete. The propertis of House Davion, Clan Jade Falcon, Clan Black Falcon and somw merc groups were put up to auction since none of them responded. The bidding was done over the TKZ Mercnet Chatboard instead of kali. The field is narrowing and a couple main players are starting to expand.

Heavy Gear

There were a number of further consolidations to ensure a high activity level. The Northern Lights Confederacy merged into the Elite Northern Guard. The 1st Bandit Commandos merged into the Paxton Militia. United Mercantile Federation merged into the Dragon Company. The 12 Azure Devils merge taken over by the WIdow Makers. With all these consolidations, the remaining groups are highly active. The Dark Angel Company changed it's name to Dark Legion. Both the Dark Legion and Striking Vipers have multiple subgroups that have joined them.

There were a number of arguements and tensions were high due to some misunderstandings, but after a message from Paul the tone of the entire league seemed to change as everyone made an effort. I am very proud of the players in that league for coming to their senses and cooperating with each other.


Emporer Progenitor continued his aggression against the Unaligned Worlds, resulting in the elimination of all Unaligned Worlds, bringing another 200 worlds into the empire. The total Planets under control of the Panic Brigade is now over 620 planets. Less then 40 planets remain. Just as the Emporer was completing the final planetary takeover, a mass exodus of 10,800,000 points of warcraft fled to the last remaining resistance to the empire, the Flagship Indepence. This gigantic resurgance of forces was large enough to give the Flagship Independence the numerical superiority in standing armies. While FI has an advantage at the moment, this will be temporary, since the Panic Brigade has nearly 8,000,000 points of production capacity.

By the time the Panic Brigade was sending the final blow against the Unaligned Worlds, the Flagship Independence was completely surrounded. In a series of over 50 attacks, the FI were pinned along their entire border. The fighting was fierce and sustained with FI losing more than half of the battles, but putting up a strong fight. A few FI tactical blunders allowed PB to cut off the entire eastern section of their planets, unable to be reinforced, as well as some planets to the south. To win either the PB industry must be delayed or FI must punch through the blockade.

4/3/98 - Another News Overview

I will try to make these updates in a monthly fashion. Since our news are no longer being sent to any newsletters, I will be including much more stuff in these news updates.


The Black Talons were killed by Jade Falcon, Ryan's Raiders were ghosted by the Rasalhague Free Republic and Clan Goliath Scorpian was finished off by Clan Wolf.

The deadline closed for finding sponsers and several lucky waiting list units found units to sponser them and give them planets. The new groups joining include: Eridani Light Horse, Northwind Highlanders, New Oberon Confederation,Fox Squad,Federation of Planets, OffWorlds Alliance and Taurian Concordat Defence Force. Even with the new 7 units, there are still 18 more groups on the waiting list that will have to wait until the waiting list auction in May unless another spot becomes available. The one exception to that is SPY who has been sponsered, but a missing peice of information is needed before they can be formally put into the league. So SPY is another new unit coming in as well.

TKZ Netmech is running smoothly and everyone is comfortable with the current rules. However, a proposal to streamline combat is currently in a third version and will be voted on in a couple months after the moritorium on proposals ends in three months. In the meantime this format will make possible two upcoming events.

The first of these events was the Good Will Games. Due to the Special Nature of this event, players from all leagues and even those on the TKZ banned list were welcome. It went smoothly, although the turnout was only 25 people.

Terra Firma:The Showdown
Another upcoming event will use the same format in a premade scenario. A clan strike force got through the IS defenses, destination EARTH. Two vailant houses must struggle against the combined might of both the mighty crusaders and stalwart wardens in the final showdown. Who will get bragging right? It's up to you to decide. The war will take place on April 4th at 1 PST(4pm EST) on the *TKZ Mech HQ Kali server (server #581?) If the server is unavailable, the backup server is GC Netmech II. Please come online with either HOUSE1 or HOUSE2 in you want to roleplay a house, WARD for wardens, CRUS for crusaders, MERCH for house mercs, MERCC for clan mercs and TKZ for freebooters. This will be done as a coordinated attack using the same format to the full extent.


A major rule proposal passes to simplify combat: TKZ would move from it's current more complex system to one using consistent drop rooms of 2on2 and always use the same number of regens (1 regens /2 total mechs). To replace the previous use of 2on1 drops to penalize groups who do not actively recruit, the proposal instead uses a tonnage disadvantage instead. Then the PLAYER pick their own mechs under the tonnage for their team and continuously drop and report results round robin until a winner is announced. Also added is a minimum pilot rule, forcing a retreat if only one side had enough players to field a viable combat. I feel these rules would make the league much more accessible to those playing in the other mercnet leagues and still retain all the benefits of the extensive automation the league uses. The proposal definitely makes it easier for a leader to run a battle and only requires accounting when results are being done. Check out the proposal on the TKZ Mercnet Chatboard for more specifics or read the updated merc rules.

Currently the Mercenaries league 3028 and TKZ Mercnet are discussing a possible merger of the two leagues. The meeting is scheduled for April 4th on AV Mercnet at 10am PST(1pm EST). Both sides seem open to compromise and this could be a very positive step for both leagues.

Heavy Gear

The league started with complete automation. Apparently interest in the game itself has waned a bit during the time the league was being created. As a result many of the groups had only a few active pilots each and this led to a slower start. This is somewhat normal in the beginning and to help, the league took an agressive stance on removing inactive groups. As a result:

4th Legion Noire, Cherekee Legion, the 17th Sand Demons, and Prophet's Nightmares were all absorbed back into the Allied Southern Territories and distributed among the remaining groups.

Western Frontier Protectorate, 33rd Roving Rungs and Northern Shadow Demons and the 99th Skyhawks were absorbed into the CNCS.

Soutern Republic and 12th Azure Devils merged into the 12th Azure Devils. The Mekong Dominion was replaced by the Ironclads. The 82nd Jan Muyan Light Raiders were replaced by the 1st Striking Vipers. BLue Lightening Coyotes were absorbed into the badlands groups likewise. The various branches of the NLC merged into a single unit.

The new addition of units that were formerly on the activision servers is an indication that the league, while becoming smaller will be the most active league for Heavy Gear.

Then since there had been so many changes and several new groups had joined(Ironclads, Angry Angels, 1st Striking Vipers and Dark Angel Company) the league was restarted. At the same time a new proposed combat format similar to the one used in mercnet was used to replace the previous combat system. There was still some confusion, but a recent playtest helped clarify the system to the players.


Upon returning Emperor Ash saw he had lost ground during his absense and agreed to turn control of the empire over to the strongest rebel group, The Panic Brigade. Kernel Panic, the leader of the rebel group, took over as emporer and took the new name, Emporer Progenitor. He declared the Empire to be a constitutional monarchy, adding some basic rights and summoned leaders from all sections of the empire to discuss and create a new form of government to cover the known universe. You can see the address on the XvT Chatboard. The new emporer vowed to assimilate all those who stood in the way of this new age of enlightenment, old Imperial guards within the empire and rebel groups who opposed it.

In response, all the open slots were combined into a single open slot called the Unaligned Worlds. [planets that are open can be taken by paying 40,000 points in losses]. The Panic Brigade used their control of the empire to take under their wing almost all of the Unaligned worlds at great cost and begun attack the two remaining powers, the Flagship Independence and the Interstellar Highwaymen. It is clear that with the demise of the Unaligned worlds, the remaining forces will support the Flagship Independence, against tyranny, no matter how well intentioned. Tyrant or not, this new emporer has begun to make many positive changes in the empire. Wether he can do this quick enough to satisfy the people us unknown. All we know for certain is change is in the air. Wether this emporer can succeed where others have failed, in uniting all governements under a single banner is unclear.

2/20/98 - News Overview

It came to my realization that we haven't been faithfully posting the news on the news page, so here are some big stories that have been skipped over the past several months.


The entire netmech site underwent a facelift. a major rules revision took place and Comstar took Terra only to be attacked by house marik there. What is happening there is unclear.


House Marik took Terra and there was a major consolidation of groups merging to make the league smaller and more active. The leader of new House Davion took over map updates and results processing and also helped to bring new rules proposals to the league.

Heavy Gear

The NLC won the Bad Kara award for this month. This is like the 4th or 5th unit in TKZ to win a bad karma award(other winners include House Steiner, Clan Fire Bear and White Rhino(now part of Kell Hounds)). I wonder if TKZ itself will ever win the award.


The empire banded together under the leadership of the Black Sheep Air Squadron, but technical difficulties for the leaders of the group have paused things(two hardware crashes).

2/20/98 - Tukkayid Contest Finally Judged

Back in May of 1997 we had our first contest at TKZ, but it was never judged. So after nearly nine months I announce the winners Clan Black Jackal and Clan Black Sheep are both winners. Since the contest was originally 5,000 and should have been paid long ago, I am adding interest and raising this amoun to 25,000 each. For the mercenary award, goes to RDL which is now part of 4H. Congrats to all three groups. Take a blast to the past and look back to the beginning of TKZ, things have really changed.

It is the end of the truce of tukkayid and after 15 years of preparation, the war is about to start. From the perspective or a clan, house or merc warrior express your feelings in character. Check out the entries on Tukkayid Contest Entries

2/20/98 - It's All Paul's Fault Contest Judged

Back in August of 1997 we had our second contest at TKZ. As with any individual in power, I was often chided and blamed by people for things that were not my fault. Much of this dates back to when I was CWV>Nemisis, the most aggressive and successful clan leader in the registry, not only leading my own clan, but many others under the banner of the GSL. I was the first clan to hire mercenaries and made many other bold moves that made me the most feared, respected, hated, loved and mostly misunderstood leader from the registry. So when I began my own league people mistrusted that I would be able to be fair and forget my clan heritage. Those people obviously fall into the misunderstood category. In fact, at the beginning of the league I did favor the houses on several occasions. Those times have passed now that leaders from all sides have gotten to know me.

The original contest was offered to poke fun at myself and drive home the fact that often people were jumping to conclusion and choosing me as a target. As I have finally gotten the trust of all group leaders, check out for your amusement the entries to the contest. Some of them are over the top. I think most of these entries are winners and for each winning their group will get 10,000 points per winner. The most wins by an individual is Doc Holiday with 8 wins.

2/19/98 - TKZ Heavy Gear goes live.

Where most Heavy Gear leagues have failed, TKZ Heavy Gear has stuck with it. About 50 attacks were done in the playtest and now the playtest is over and the league is now fully operational. Good luck to what will surely be another TKZ flagship.

Click here for last year's news. It's all history now.